Thanks buat Tony yang sudah mengirimkan Pdf newsletter ini ke email gue.
Ini newsletter asal London, Inggris yang penuh dengan review zine, records dan tapes yang bejibun. Tapi, jangan harap ada layout keren. Silahkan download, tapi lebih baik kalo kalian juga membuat kontak dengan pembuatnya. Karena, sepertinya editornya sangat berharap bias berkenalan dengan kamu-kamu.

Ini emailnya :

Hi there, friend, foe

I'm running out of paper copies of the first issue of my newsletter fanzine More Noize # 1 so now I'm sending this pdf version to select friends and random people (excuse the spam!). I made 200 printed copies of the newsletter and all were given away for free. About 100 or so were sent abroad (outside of the UK) which cost me a lot of money. (But I enjoy macaroni and tomato sauce and with such a great punk DIY scene a little personal sacrifice now and then is not all bad ha ha ha. So what that I could not afford to buy the last batch of Crust War vinyls? They'll only set me back twice as much next month. So be it.)

Please feel free to print or copy this Pdf and generally distribute as wildly as you can. Feel free to sell it if it cost you money to print, otherwise give it away for free or trade or whatever. Hell it's only 4 pages, no big deal.

I am currently laying final touches on More Noize # 2 which will be a split-zine with the fourth (or perhaps fifth) issue of Croatian fanzine Vapaus. My half will be 6 x A4 large pages and besides a retarded looking cover I will have an interview with moronic Canadian noise punk band Schizophasia, a band I hype like hell in More Noize #1, and a hopefully good (it's nearly finished so too early to say) retrospective interview with the guitarist responsible for the infamously noisy and distorted hardcore punk by the old German hardcore band Vorkriegsphase, plus way too long reviews of way too many compilations, tapes, records, CDs, fanzines and "digital dust". Some of the reviews will probably have to spill over into More Noize # 3 which as a consequence will be out very shortly after # 2, which is, finally, due by end of August...or perhaps early September. If you would like a copy of that you should firstly wait until it's out, secondly, ask your local sources of DIY punk to stock it so you can grab it there, or finally wait until I spam you again, ha ha ha. But whatever you do don't be a douche, be part of a active DIY scene, get in touch.

Oh, and forward this email as you see fit.

With kind respectful regards,

Tony Gunnarsson,
More Noize
London, UK
Email :

Download newsletternya disini :


Enjoy And Apreciate It!

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