We're hardcorepunk band from Indonesia,but as for the music itself, we have so many change in out line up that's make our music tend to be different. in 2007 we had 2 version of the band, the one with 3 member are into noisecore/grind while the other in 2 members are into cybergrind. we've been around since December 1998 and have some release so far. We speak about our life, from our own personal perspective. We think that personal is a political stance too
We like to join on a compilation project or doing a split album with other bands from around the globe as a mean of communication. Since communication is the true meaning of hardcorepunk.

This is new release from our 26th january 2010's recording. recorded at Olivine studio by Surya of Lastelise.this will be featured as a self tittled cd will be out on Denmark's label, 6000 DIY records
Also will be on the split with other bands on Burn Records..

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